I know you're a sissy bitch boy.

Moms have a way of knowing their sons, even their step son's. I know my make up goes missing too often and my high heels look more worn than they should. I brought something for you to see to let you know, I know your secret. See this big cock I have? Oh you are drooling over this cock aren't you? I'm going to show you how to suck cock properly so you can go get a real dick in your mouth instead of all the dildos I find in your room on occasion. I know you like boys. It's not unusual for young men your age to want to experiment with sex although I think you are in a slightly different exploration category. You are a little sissy bitch boy who really wants to be a girl and have a vagina instead of a dick. Maybe in another year or so you can buy yourself a boob job so you won't be as envious over mine. You should be able to afford surgery to get a vagina by the time you're 21 next year. I know you want my boobs and my vagina but not in the usual way a guy does. Why you want to lop off that gorgeous big dick of yours I don't know. Your dick is huge! I know you hate your cock. What do you think your dad would do if he knew you were a sissy boy? If you're going to be a little sissy, I'm going to have my fun with you. You're going to get your weirdness here at home and I am going to give it to you. Now suck my big fake dick like a true sissy bitch. We're going to practice this every day until you can suck my big dick without gagging. If you do it good enough I'll even let you put lip gloss on before you start. Now stop staring so much at my boobs and don't say a word of this to anyone especially your father.

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