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Big isn't bad, it's good!

Your father said you wanted to talk with a female about something. I know I'm not your real mother but glad you feel comfortable enough to talk with me. So what is on your mind? You have a freakishly large what? A large penis and you want me to tell you a female's opinion of it? Ok, let's see it. Oh wow! That is huge! But it's ok to have a penis that large. I'm sure there are many girls who would love to feel your cock stretching them out between their legs. I'm not one of them but let me see you get it hard so I can see it's full potential. Since it's hard you may as well jerk it off so I can see how large of a cum load that size of a penis produces. Go ahead, we're both adults and I'm just your stepmother so it's perfectly ok to show me how you stroke yourself. Oh wow, look at those very long strokes you give yourself. I can see you're getting close to losing your load. Give mommie your cum. Go ahead, grip that massive cock and force all that hot cum on me. Remember to not tell your dad about what just happened. I don't want to have to tell him how much bigger your cock is than his.

Date Added: 06/02/2020
Starring: Raylene
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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