Will you help me measure my buxom breasts?  |  (Random)

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Will you help me measure my buxom breasts?

I'm so glad you're home because I am so confused by something that happened today. I went bra shopping and my old bra size doesn't fit me. I've worn the same size since I married your father years ago. You've seen my boobs, only in clothes or my swimsuit but tell me, do they seem bigger? I really need your help. I'm going to place this tape measure around my chest and you tell me what the number says. It's real important you read the number correctly. What does it say? Maybe if I take my dress down and measure over my bra only it will give a different number. I think to get the most accurate measurement I must remove my bra as well and measure against my flesh. What to the numbers say when I wrap this measuring tape around each breast? Oh my, I see this has excited you. Well since you are such a good help to me I can help you get some relief from that rock hard erection. Go ahead and stroke yourself as you continue to look at mommies big titties. That's it, just like that. I know you want to cum for me. Make that cock cum for mommie. Oh I see all that cum you just released from your penis, just for me. I'm so proud of you that you let go of all that nasty cum and you helped me find my true breast measurement. Now go clean up before your father comes home and make sure you write than term paper tonight! I want my special boy to be at the top of his college class.

Date Added: 05/28/2020
Starring: Karen Fisher
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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