I care about your cock.

Now that you're eighteen it's time to have a little talk. Even though I'm just your stepmother, I am certainly not ready to be a grandmother. I don't want you going out there spreading your seed and getting trapped to a girl you don't love. Instead of fucking every hole available, I am going to show you how to take care of your needs all by yourself. Donít be bashful, this is serious business. If you can completely take care of your own cock then you shouldn't have to stick your dick in every hole that spreads open for you. I want you to grab hold of your dick and do exactly as I do to this dildo. Thatís it, lube it and rub it up and down. Don't forget to circle the head and under the head where it's very sensitive. Look at my big breasts and imagine how good your cock would feel sliding in between them. You see my little pussy and how wet it is? Just imagine inserting your dick deep inside me and plunging it. Now stroke your cock as if you were fucking me until you release that hot load. I brought tissues for your clean up. That was great! Now anytime you have a date planned I want you to spend some alone time before the date and drain those loaded balls of yours. In fact, you should be draining your balls a few times a day at your age. I'm going to check back with you next week and I expect to see a trash bin full of used tissues in your room. I'm so glad we were able to talk like this.

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