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Come share bath time with me.

You know how much I enjoy bath time after a long work day. Your father was supposed to be here to draw my bath but he has better things to do now it seems. Just give me a listening ear while I tell you all about my day. Oh you like my red toenail polish? It is my favorite color as well. I do have pretty feet don't I? Yes, I have large breasts to. Let's pay attention to my feet right now. You should try some of the things I am about to share with you with the next girl you get serious with. You really are a great stepson you know? Most guys your age only care about their next conquest and here you are caring about your stepmothers well being. I think we should make a full night of fun together. Go wait for me on my bed and we can watch a movie together and snuggle and who know what after that.

Date Added: 09/25/2020
Starring: Alura Jenson
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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