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Your penis is so cute!

I know you stay in your room a lot and it concerns me so I want to talk with you a little. If anything I say makes you uncomfortable don't worry, I'm only your stepmother. It's o.k. to tell me what bother's you. I was wondering if you don't have a girlfriend because maybe you have a small penis like your father. Let me tell you all the reasons why having a small penis is a very good thing. First, you must stop watching porn because it will only make you feel bad about your penis size. I have seen a lot of penis in my days and want to show you how to properly make yours feel amazing. Why do you think I married your dad? If your small penis dad can get a hot trophy wife like me then that just proves to you size really does not matter.

Date Added: 10/21/2019
Starring: Nikita Von James
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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