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Prove to me you kept your cum tonight.

Who do you think you are young man coming in at this late hour of the night? I know you were out with that little college skank. You were probably fucking her dirty hole then thinking you could sneak in my house and go straight to bed. You deserve to be punished. You need a nice hard spanking on your skinny bare ass is what you need. Now prove to me you kept your spunk inside your junk tonight by jacking off in front of me. I want to see a full cum load for a young man of your age. Go ahead and get busy because you aren't sleeping until this is done. That's it, keep stroking and don't make a mess on my floor! Discharge your goo on your underwear and don't let a drop of that filth touch my floor! Oh you bad bad boy you spooged some on my bed! You go to the corner and stand there until I say you can leave. I can't believe what I put up with from you and I'm only your stepmom.

Date Added: 09/21/2019
Starring: Mikki Lynn
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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