I'm glad you live with us now.  |  (Random)

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I'm glad you live with us now.

Hey, I just wanted to come in and tell you how glad I am you moved back in to your father's house yet how sorry I am you lost your job. It's probably a little weird for you here now because your dad married me and you and I are so close to the same age. I felt it would probably be a good thing for me to come talk with you and clear the air a little. Not to get awkward but I have noticed you looking at me kind of a long time sometimes. I want you to know it's ok because I feel the same way about you. You're like a much younger version of your dad. I've always liked older men but you look so much like your dad that I find myself strongly attracted to you as well. It helps that we are close to same age and like the same music and stuff. I can't fuck you or anything like that but what I do want is for us to enjoy something sexual together that won't be technically cheating on your dad if we do this. I want you to get your cock out and touch it for me. I need to know I can turn a younger man on still. I'll show you plenty of myself to encourage your cock to stay rock hard until you are ready to release your cream for me. It's been so long that I've had my tits frosted by a good hot cum load. I want your hot goo all over my big tits. Your dad can barely spurt out a teaspoon of jizz but I bet you can frost both my tits with your cream. Wasn't that fun? Maybe it will take you awhile to find another job so you will get to stay here awhile. I like the idea of keeping each other company everyday.

Date Added: 08/16/2020
Starring: Brooklyn Chase
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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