Now you know I'm a nudist.  |  (Random)

Now you know I'm a nudist.

I wasn't expecting you home. Yes, I am vacuuming the house and I am naked. I try to only be naked when you aren't around so I could avoid an awkward discovery but here we are. Let's go in your room and have a talk. Now that you know I am a nudist I think we should clear the air on a couple things. I want to feel comfortable being naked whenever I want to in my own home. I understand you are a young man with raging hormones. All you college-aged kids are the same with the incessant desire for sex. Since I am not your real mom, I could maybe help you calm down some of those urges. You need to get used to seeing me naked without getting all worked up sexually. I think the best way to keep you from obsessing about sex when you see me naked is for me to take your cum from you and clear your head. I think once you cum you will look at me as just a woman in her natural form instead of a naked lady that makes you think of sex. I would really like to teach you the importance of being around nudity without it having to lead to sex. Do you like this idea?

I can see the bulge in your pants, which makes me wonder how long you were sitting there watching me vacuum. From the size of the bulge it looks like you have a very excited cock in your pants. It's flattering that you get so excited over seeing your naked step mom. Lets take your clothes off during this lesson because if I am going to be naked, so are you. This could be a mother son thing between us. Your dick feels really good in my hand. Oh, and I feel how full of cum your balls are. Do you like the way I stroke your cock? What is it about seeing me naked that gets you so excited? Is it my huge breasts? I'll wrap my big tits around your shaft so you know how good it feels. We have to get your urges of sex with me out of the way so you can see me naked around the house and it won't make your dick hard. Am I doing a good job on your cock? You're being such a good boy laying there and letting me take your cum from you. Ok young man, it's time to cum for mommie.

Don't be shy. Spray that cum for mommie. Get all that sexual tension out of that hard cock. Look at all that cum! Now don't you feel better now that you've let go of all that nasty cum? Now you can see me around the house without clothes on and it won't even phase you, and if it does, we can take care of that problem very quickly then get on with the day. Aren't hand jobs from mommie the best therapy?

Date Added: 04/07/2024
Starring: Karen Fisher
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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