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I'll show you what's under my panties.

I try to be a good step mother, but recently there is such a strange thing happening that I can only think of one person to blame, my step son. No sooner do I buy new panties to replace ones that went missing then the new ones disappear as well. I've had it and am determined to get to the bottom of this. Maybe I can quietly search his bedroom and recover my stolen undergarments. When he realizes I have been through his bedroom then he will know I am on to his perverted ways and stop stealing my underwear. I looked all over his bedroom and didn't find my panties but did find him jacking himself off with my lacy underwear while he was under his bed hiding! What kind of weirdo jacks off under his bed? Ok, I have to be understanding of a young man's needs. He is nineteen now and I am sure his hormones are raging out of control and causing him to do things he probably doesn't think through to the consequences.

I asked him to come out from under the bed and show me exactly how he uses my underwear for his sexual pleasure. His cock was exceedingly hard at being caught by me. I let him continue to please himself as I spread my legs and showed him my bare pussy. We both rubbed our private places in full view for each other then I suggested jacking him off just this once to maybe get this step mom panty fetish out of his system. Sometimes the reality cancels out the fantasy. Now that he has been found out it takes away some of the titillation of stealing my underwear. I'll stoke his big dick and beat out a fat load so he can now have a visual to replay in his mind over and over with no need to come to my panty drawer for anything. I can hardly wait to get his nut worked out. Come on sweetie, I know you have a hot creamy load for me because I walked in on you while you were trying to bust it out of yourself.

Come on and give it to me you little panty thief. I'm going to keep slamming my hands up and down your rod until you surrender that hot load to me. Oh look at your cum shoot out of you, you dirty boy! You shoot like a fountain! Next time I catch you with my panties, I'm going to make you fuck me for as long as I want, which will be a very long time. Now get cleaned up before you father gets home and don't say a word about what just happened. He doesn't have to know what kind of pervert his son is and what kind of kinky slut he married.

Date Added: 09/15/2022
Starring: Simone Sonay
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 13 mins

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