Step Mothers stroking lesson  |  (Random)

Step Mothers stroking lesson

Your step mom figured you you've been sneaking into her room and stealing her panties for your masturbation material. You left some DNA on the crotch. Oops. Now she calls you in her room to get you to fess up. For some reason she doesn't thing you are "doing it" the right way so she proceeds to tell you she feels its her duty to school you in the proper ways of self gratification. You don't know whether to be nervous or excited. Since you are an obedient son, you do as she says. You remove your sweat pants and lay back on her bed. Legs spread, you are eager to continue the lesson. She gets your cock lubed for you and from the tip down around your nut sack. Not only is she warming up your growing shaft but she pulls her juicy pale tits out for your viewing pleasure. She even shows you a glimpse of her perfect pink pussy. Her hands aren't the only part of her body that's going to wrap around you stiff shaft. She pulls her titties out and engulf your dick in between them. Oh wow! You haven't ever had titties on your dick before and hers are epic. They are so fleshy and warm. You don't know where she keeps getting her spit from but she has plenty of it to keep your cock nice and wet. Mommie really does know best as she squeezes a hot load from you. Oh yeah, cum for Mommie! She says you cum just like your Dad does. You shot so hard you frosted her face! She was so proud of you as she plays with your cum on her hands she says, "very nice". Maybe Mom has some lessons on fucking next?

Date Added: 01/23/2024
Starring: Vicky Vixen
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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