You are such a little pervert.  |  (Random)

You are such a little pervert.

Come talk with me while I put some things away. So you need a ride to your friend's house? I will take you soon as I finish a few chores around the house. What are you doing? Were you looking up my skirt? I wear my cute little outfits for your father, not you. Not that I mind you look but you don't have to steal my lingerie in case you thought I didn't notice. Why do you think I made you follow me in here why I put my new panty sets away? I know you have been taking mine from the laundry and doing who knows what with them. I can only guess you've been using them to get yourself off somehow. What do you do, wrap them around your cock? Sniff them? Rub them on your balls? I'm curious what an eighteen year old does with his stepmother's lingerie, dirty lingerie non-the-less. What would your dad say if he knew you have the hots for his wife? You probably wouldn't be his favorite son anymore. There is something else I know about you, you like my pantyhose. It's no mistake that I am wearing some today and we are home alone. I get my kicks from knowing how much you are hot and bothered by me so it's time to get this out of the way. You can't show up at your friend's house with a huge boner.
Do my pantyhose covered feet feel good on that dick? What would your girlfriend think if she knew your step-mom was touching your dick? Are you a sneaky pervert with anyone else or just me? I'm having fun teasing you right now. Don't worry I'll take care of that boner. Tell me what you dream about doing to me. Do you dream of fucking me in my pussy or my ass or both? I have your cock in my hands you can tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me with it. I let your dad fuck my ass, I'm sure you hear me moaning in here while he's fucking me good. One thing I don't do with your dad is wrap my pussy scented nylons around his dick and jack him off like I am going to do with you. Smell mommies pussy before I wrap these around that boner. You like that don't you? Your balls look good wrapped up tight with my nylons. Since I am such a nice mom, I am going to let you spooge on my nylons and give them to you. You have to stop stealing my lingerie though. I have to get you to your friend's house so give me your cum as soon as you can. I know you want these soiled nylons as a trophy to stick in your room somewhere and wait for you. I know while I am fucking your dad later you're going to pull these dirty nylons out and rub your dick sore with them. I love messing around with little perverts like you. Ah, sensitive cock now that you unloaded isn't it? Just let me get a few last squeezes in to make you squirm. Ok, get cleaned up so I can take you to your friend's house. Don't say a word of this to anyone cause you know what I will do, the 'D" word, deny.

Date Added: 12/09/2023
Starring: Maya Hills
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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