Stepmom owns my cock in chastity.  |  (Random)

Stepmom owns my cock in chastity.

I thought I had my masturbation/sex addiction under control. I live in the college dorms where there is always someone around, not much privacy for me to indulge in my needs. I few weeks ago I was able to get a girl to my room for some fucking time when I got caught by the RA (Resident Assistant). We aren't supposed to have girls in our room. I figured if we didn't moan too loud then no one would even know we were there. I was wrong. The school immediately called my step-mom to let her know I would be suspended from school if I dis-obeyed the college ordinances again. My mom acted pretty calm over the phone when I spoke with her after the Dean was finished basically telling her what a fuck up I am. I was anticipating her to be completely upset with me but she wasn't. I went home the following weekend and found out why my mom didn't sound so upset with me over the phone. She had something awaiting me as my punishment. She had a very disappointed look in her eyes as she explained I was going to wear a chastity as my punishment for getting caught with a girl in my room at school. I saw these things on the internet but hadn't ever seen one up close. I was hesitant and slightly resistant to the idea of my cock being under my mom's complete control. I knew I had done wrong but to take away my main source of pleasure was just cruel. She knows I have a masturbation addiction. I don't tell her much about all the pussies I've fucked cause I think she would be a little jealous. I don't know if its true but there is a slight weirdness to my relationship with my mom. It's something I feel from her. I feel like she wants to control all of life and she does not seem happy when I talk of girls I am hanging with. I feel I have to kind of do as she says since she is the one doling out the money for my car and school. My dad left us a lot of money but all in her name, so I want to keep her happy. I figure this is just her way of making an impact on me but by next week or so the control she feels will wear off and she will take this thing off my cock and forget about putting it back on. I will have my freedom to fuck when I want even if it is just my own hand. I will do anything to get my dick back where it belongs, free balling in my boxer briefs. Only thing is, when she released my cock from its plastic lock box, she seemed a little too happy to be wearing the key around her neck. My suspicions were right, she does have a weirdness toward me. Truth is, I want this. I do want my mom to have complete control of my cock. I do crave for her to release me week after week. To keep her happy, I will do anything.

Date Added: 11/23/2020
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 16 mins

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