Step-mom is my Valentines Day lover.  |  (Random)

Step-mom is my Valentines Day lover.

Happy Valentines Day!

I could hardly wait to celebrate Valentines Day with my girlfriend. I bought a box of chocolates for her and was eager to deliver the rest of her gift, my dick. As I was heading out the door I figured I would go say goodbye to my step mom and wish her a good evening. It was a sad sight that I saw, my mom sitting alone all dressed up pretty sipping on a glass of wine and on the verge of heavy tears. My dickhead dad was once again standing her up and choosing to work late rather than come home and celebrate a special evening with her. I felt really bad for wanting to go be with my girlfriend after seeing my sweet step mom so upset. She wanted me to go have fun with my girlfriend and not let her disappointment bring me down. I offered her some Valentine candy hearts I had stuffed in my pocket, which she accepted with awkward grin. I could tell she was ready to cry good and hard so I said my goodbye. I got as far as the front door and turned around with the box of chocolates meant for my girlfriend. I went back into my mom's bedroom and gave them to her instead. My heart was with my mom. She is the one who does so much for me, it didn't feel right leaving her alone just to go get a piece of ass. All it takes is a phone call to get laid anytime I want but I don't think my mom has that same option. Someone has to step up and act like the man around this house so tonight it is I. She sheepishly accepted the chocolates and was quite surprised at my decision to be with her tonight. Being the kind generous woman she is, she knew I was forfeiting sex to stay home so she offered to at least give me a hand job to show her appreciation. I didn't have to think too much about that offer and quickly made myself comfortable on her bed.

She had a beautiful red lingerie ensemble on complete with stockings and sexy high heels. My girlfriend doesn't wear anything like this for me. It wasn't too hard a decision to stay home with my mom, look at her. She is definitely what one would call a MILF. Her skilled hands were gonna make my cock feel incredible. Not only did she stoke me beyond belief she was so damn horny she stuck me inside her. My dad is such an idiot for ignoring this sexy slut. She sucked and fucked me! This was turning into one helluva Valentines evening. My mom also introduced me to a stocking foot job and the unbelievable feeling of silk against my shaft. She gave my cock and balls so many sensations I had not experienced before. My head was reeling from her touch and I exploded with a stream of jizz that almost shot past her head! She thanked me for making her night so special and even called my cum shot sexy. I think my mom is the sexiest woman of all and my new mature lover.

Date Added: 11/14/2023
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 23 mins

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