You deviant little panty sniffer!  |  (Random)

You deviant little panty sniffer!

How does it feel to be caught in your sister's bedroom with her dirty panties? Is that how desperate you are for a woman's scent that you have to steal you own blood sisters underwear? How long have you had this urge to sniff a soiled crotch and touch your cock? You know, you may need to go to a professional therapist about this problem of yours. Come to think of it, I'll bet a lot of young men your age have their own deviant ways that drive them to do things that are strange. You're at that college age where the testosterone overrides the logical part of your brain doesn't it? That's ok, I won't tell your sister what I found you doing in her bedroom. What I will do is take control of this awkward situation and have you lay down on her bed so I can show you some techniques to calm that little willy of yours down and keep you out of your sister's dirty laundry basket. I'm only your step-mom so this isn't as inappropriate as you getting your rocks off to your blood sister's smell. This is just simply an opportunity for a mom to help her son out with his stress level and teach him a better way to manage the evil pecker in his pants. Would you like that? You must learn ways to tame that hungry cock of yours before you do something even more drastic like start stealing girl's panties from your cousin's house or something like that.

That's it, lay down and get those pants off so I can get a good grip on your cock. Lets make that little willy turn into a big woody right here in mom expert hands. How does that feel? You like letting mom have control of your manhood right now don't you? I rim the tip for you and stroke it in just one direction. I am doing things that you haven't even tried yet. That's ok, its what I'm here for, to help you get better control of your urges though your own masturbation techniques. Ahh, that feels so good doesn't it? I feel your balls tightening with each stroke on your shaft. That's a good boy, go ahead and work that cum up and give it to your mom. I'm working so hard for you to have a great big release so you can get back to your studies and out of your sisters panties. Oh wow! Look at all that jizz you just coated my hands with! You really did have a lot of stress built up. Well now that we have that out of the way, you had better get cleaned up because now you have some laundry to do, your sister's sheets and her panties! Hurry up and put your penis back in your pants and remember, we don't talk about what just happened, with anyone.

Date Added: 10/06/2018
Starring: Caroline Pierce
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 19 mins

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