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Stepmom transformation from bitch to MILF

All my stepmom ever does is bitch, bitch, bitch. She is one of those type A personalities and control freaks who has to have everything done their way. Sometimes, I don't know how my dad deals with her. Just now, for example, I went into the kitchen to see if she was going to be making dinner anytime soon. She was sitting at the table doing her taxes or something, because she looked really stressed out. She had papers scattered all over, and her hair was all messy. She was wearing some ugly pajamas or something, and looked like she just crawled out of bed. All I wanted was some food, and she flipped out on me! She told me that I was old enough to make my own food, and she was my stepmother, not my caretaker. Jeez she can be such a bitch.

I'm back in my room now, and just want to rub one out and have a little privacy. What should I think of this time? I'm digging deep into my spank bank and coming up empty. Hmmm, I know - what if my frumpy, bitchy stepmom was a super hot and horny MILF? It's a stretch, I know, but what if? I'm imagining her now, wearing some sexy red lingerie. Her hair is down, and looks really soft and pretty for once! She even has makeup on and has taken off her ugly glasses. My mom is telling me how horny she has been for me, that she's always wanted me. She shows me her pretty pink pussy, and surpise... there's no hair! She begins to finger herself and tells me that she wants my cock. She puts her hand on my underwear and pulls them down, taking my big cock in her hand. I can't believe my mom is actually hot, and is making my cock hard!

My mom even begins to suck my dick. She's always wanted to do that, I know. She takes my fat head between her lips and slides her mouth down around the shaft. I'm going to give my mom a big mouthful of cum before this is over. She strokes me and tells me that she wants me to cum all over her face. She tells me that my cock is bigger than my dad, and then asks me if I want to see the pussy that my dad gets to fuck every night. Hell yes! She spreads her pussy lips and starts fucking herself with her fingers. I can hear how wet she is. She keeps fucking her pussy as she jacks my dick, and I begin to feel a huge load build up. My mom gets her face real close to my cock as she palm-fucks my shaft. Just as she's talking, I let it blow and it goes right into her open mouth! I can't believe it, but she actually licks the head and takes even more of my cum into her mouth! Holy fuck, I busted a great big nut in my mom's mouth!

Uh oh. What's that noise? OH SHIT!! My mom just walked into my room and caught me jacking off!!! FUCK!! She shut the door quickly, but I know she saw me... I just hope she doesn't realize I was jacking to a fantasy about her!

Date Added: 10/15/2023
Starring: Allysin Wonderland
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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