You should clean your messes.  |  (Random)

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You should clean your messes.

How could you or why did you leave such a filthy mess on my kitchen floor? I know your real mother wasn't such a fan of keeping a clean house but I am! Just because you're in college doesn't mean you're too old to clean up after yourself in this house so get down there and clean your muddy mess. I'm waiting. What is taking so long down there? Oh, I think I see what the problem is. You have a raging boner in your pants from peaking up my skirt. What a little pervert you are! If it will help speed things along then why don't I be a good sport and help you get rid of that nasty nuisance. Go ahead and pull that annoying cock from your pants and stroke it while I have a little fun teasing you. Is it my feet in these heels that turned you on so, or my long lithe legs that disappear into this business skirt? I confess I planted the dirt there in hopes of getting this reaction from you. I know you didn't make that mess but you're going to make a different mess for me arent' you? Look at my beautiful feet as you stroke that cock. In fact, I want your hot load all over my feet. Hurry before your dad comes home. Yes, fuck my feet! That's it, now I'll have a tasty snack by cleaning my feet with my tongue. Next time I'll plant some mud to keep it really dirty in this house.

Date Added: 02/08/2020
Starring: Candle Boxxx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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