Step Son, I need some nudie pix.  |  (Random)

Step Son, I need some nudie pix.

Honey, do you think you can help your mom for a minute? I've joined one of those online dating sites and I need some pictures to post. I really do need to get back into the dating world. You father has been gone for quite some time and its' been just you and me but I do need to be in company closer to my age, don't you think? This won't take long. I need some nice pictures of my face that make me look bright and happy and then maybe some sexy pictures like I have seen other women post on their profiles. Is it to creepy if I ask you to take pictures of me that show off my body? I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I really appreciate you helping me with this. Wait a sec, is that what I think it is? Son, are you getting an erection from seeing my body? I thought I was being creepy by posing seductively in front of you but actually you are enjoying this!

Oh my, I am very flattered you find me attractive that way. I thought if you had to look at your mom in her lingerie it would make you grossed out. Well, so what shall we do about this? I think you took enough pictures of me to be able to use on my profile, but what about you? I can't cause you to have an erection then just let you walk away with it. Why don't you let me rub one out for you to say thanks for taking pictures of me. Come on, I need to start being sexual again anyway and what better place to start than in the comfort of my own home? Lay down on the sofa so you can get comfortable and let mom show you some mature sex skills that have gone un used for way to long. Ah, your cock is so nice! Can I taste it? Oh you taste so good and clean. I had no idea your penis is so big and straight! I haven't had sex since your father and really feel the ache in my groin to place your big dick inside me. I feel like I need to. We don't have to tell anyone about this ok? Who knew we were so attracted to each other? It's ok isn't it to want to make someone you love feel good sexually? I can't help that you are my step-son and I want to feel you inside me. It looks like you want this to.

Do you like everything I am doing to your cock? Nice long slow strokes with my warm soft hands. Would you like it if I decided not to date anyone and just stayed home with you? I could take care of any needs you have. It would just be you and me like it has been except I am available for you your beautiful cock anytime you need me. Do you like that thought? I will do it for you. Are you ready to give me your cum? Don't be afraid to relax and let go of all your cum for me. This takes our relationship to a deeper place doesn't it? I am so glad you want this as much as I do. What a dirty secret you and I have. As I lick your cum from your dick, it means we are bonded together even more now. No dates for mommie, just you.

Date Added: 10/05/2023
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 20 mins

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