Step Mom nurses my cock back to health.  |  (Random)

Step Mom nurses my cock back to health.

I'm so bummed. I had to spend the weekend in bed with the flu while the rest of my family went on a ski trip. I shouldn't be to upset because I wasn't completely alone in the house, my stepmom stayed home to care for me. I couldn't ask for a better stepmom, not only is she really sweet she is as equally sexy. Just like she always does when someone is sick in the house, she made her special chicken soup and brought me a bowl in bed. She spoon fed me and then noticed I really did not look so well and suggested she take my temperature, anally. That's when things got a little awkward an uncomfortable. I really did not feel like being probed for a temperature reading but she said all she could find in the house was an anal thermometer. Like the wonderful woman she is, she came prepared with sterile gloves and lube. She made is sound so clinical and quick that I let her remove my underwear but I did cover my junk. She got straight to business, putting on the gloves, applying lube on my balloon knot and gently inserting the thermometer.

I couldn't stop my dick from bouncing around a little at the realization her hands were so near my sick but horny cock. She noticed my initial shyness which gave way to an engorged penis, she even called it a boner. Her tone completely changed when she realized it wasn't the thermometer in my ass that was causing my dick to engorge, it was her. She gently rubbed along my shaft with her gloved hand and remarked my dick was larger than my dads. I'm not sure I needed to know this but if I think what's going to happen is really going to happen then I don't care what she says about my cock so long as she milks every last drop of cum from it, which she does. She removes the examination gloves , applies lube to my dick and gives me probably the best hand job I have ever had. I'm only twenty years old so its not like I've had a huge amount of hand jobs but really, this woman know how to treat a cock. She showed me her perfect tits as she jacked me off with her warm loving hands. She twisted and cranked some pre-cum which she seemed pretty proud of and showed it to me. She wrapped her legs tightly around my body and gripped both my body and cock until she stroked a much needed release from my dick. Like the generous person she is, she let me know if I needed the same treatment tomorrow then she would be here to give it to me. She also said she wouldn't have to take my temperature again because she could see I was feeling better already.

Thanks mom.

Date Added: 09/10/2023
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 22 mins

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