She makes me her new dick.  |  (Random)

She makes me her new dick.

My dad's new wife can be pretty demanding. I like that about her. She is so much hotter than my dad's last wife. It's pretty nice to have a step-mom who knows she has a sexy body and shows it off, everyday. She gives me plenty mental masturbation and she knows it. Today she came in my room to inform me that because all her girlfriends have young boy toys, she is claiming me as hers. I'm only eighteen! What do I know about pleasing a hot sexy beast such as my step-mother? It doesn't seem to matter what skills I may or may not have, she had my pants off and my already semi erect dick in her hands before I could say one word. I felt dirty for all the nasty thoughts I was having about her. As she began saying what a nice cock I have and that girls my age probably didn't have a clue how to take care of it I realized she was right. I needed her skilled hands to take me to places I haven't been before.
How lucky was I that my sultry sex bomb mom was going to stroke me to heaven one hand pump at a time? I could handle her calling me Junior as long as she will keep control of my cock and take my cum, everyday I hope. She says she wants me available for her at all times. She also says my rent is free from now on if I give her my cock whenever she wants it. I feel like this is my lucky day! I know she has my dad wrapped around her finger and now she gets me to. I don't know of any other step-moms like this one but I'm sure glad my dad married her. She has such a dirty mouth and is saying things to me that no one has said before. She cups my balls like they've never been handled by anyone else. I couldn't believe she climbed on me and put my stiffy right up against my dick, and called me a pervert! I think she wanted it deep inside her. She masturbated as she rubbed her soft pussy lips all over my dick. I could see pre-cum leak out and make her skin shiny. Just knowing my pre-cum was on her pussy was almost enough to send me over the edge. I think my mom gets off on calling me a perverted little boy but she is the one who is totally out there, and I like it. As she stroked and twister her slippery hands all over my shaft she asked me to give her my cum. She cranked and made my head spin as I spewed a geyser of goo all over her pretty hands. I wanted her to be proud of me and it sounded like she was when she saw what kind of load I gave her. She said now she owns me and for me to not waste another drop of cum on anymore young bitches. I'm totally down for that. My step-mom made my dick feel better than it ever has. I'm so glad my dad finally got it right and married a true cock slut.

Date Added: 08/26/2023
Starring: Nicki Hunter
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 18 mins

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