Sisters on the shaft.  |  (Random)

Sisters on the shaft.

Zoey has been telling her sister Raylene about a little secret she and her step-son have going. It all started accidently and innocently. Zoey caught her step-son masturbating in her bathroom a few weeks ago. She was in a hurry to leave for the gym and the kid needed a ride to college that morning. So, to move things along she did what any good Mom would do and stepped in to finish the job. She also let him know that anytime he needed her mature handiwork, she would help him. Raylene could hardly believe her sister would touch her step sons cock! She found it so wickedly wrong that she had to see this for herself. Raylene wastes no time in asking her nephew to whip out his penis for her. She even is quick to remove her dress to expose her beautiful breasts for encouragement of his erection. With his Moms tits and his Auntie Raylenes tits staring at him he quickly loses any shyness about this somewhat awkward situation. Aunt Raylene not only loses her dress but she strips naked before she gets close to her nephews now swollen shaft. The sisters joke about how they used to share dick in High School and here they are sharing this young dick together. They remark how beautiful his penis healed from the circumcision. His Aunt Raylene hadn't seen his penis since it was in diapers! The sisters work their experienced hands until Aunt Raylene encourages her nephew to give her his cum. After he squirts his goo all over his Aunts hand, she tells him she loves him. Now he has two mature women to crank his cock whenever he needs. Lucky boy.

Date Added: 06/02/2023
Starring: Raylene and Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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