They need my cock!  |  (Random)

They need my cock!

Mom had been acting weird all day, like she was embarrassed or hiding something. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew better than to ask what was up with her. I was between jobs at the moment, and I didn't want to get on her nerves, so I just pretty much hung out in my room or at my friends place. Her hot friend Zoey came over, and the two of them retreated into my parent's room, laughing like a couple of schoolgirls. I knew something was up. Zoey is pretty much the hottest MILF I know. Not that my mom isn't hot, but Zoey has more of that dark beauty and smoldering eyes that give a hint of how much fun she could be. I have spent many tissues on my mom's hot friend. I was just thinking about rubbing one out to her, when suddenly my mom came into my room wearing a silky, sheer robe and lingerie! Now I KNEW something was up. It was the middle of the day and this is how she was dressed? My first thought was, OMG!! My mom and Zoey were LESBIANS!! But what she began to tell me was even hotter than my fantasy. My mom and her hot friend were actually doing a live webcam show! The kind where some pervert pays them to have sex with each other on the computer. At first I was shocked, but when she told me that she could make a lot of money if they only had a guy's cock, my strongest fantasy was about to become a reality.
My mom and Zoey needed a cock, and since I wasn't working and was available pretty much every day, they wanted me to help them with their cam show. She even offered to pay me $20 for 15 minutes of my time, and the chance to have my cock played with by not only the hottest MILF in town, but my own mom! I was nervous when I followed her into the room and saw Zoey wearing a pair of black stockings and a sexy bra and panties. My mom took off her robe and I got a good look at her hot body in stockings and lingerie as well. I could see the computer was on, and someone was watching and stroking his cock. Being watched freaked me out a little bit, but Mom assured me that my face wouldn't be seen. I didn't care, I was about to be stroked off by my fantasy MILFs! Zoey took my cock in her hand first and her strong grip told me that this wasn't the first cock in her skilled hands. She stroked me, while my mom watched and encouraged her. They laughed, and I could tell they liked the size of my rod. In fact, they even hinted that maybe they'd like to do more with me, and that someone would pay a lot if they fucked me! My Dad couldn't ever know about this, my mom told me as she took my cock in her hand and slid it up and down the shaft. They took off their tops for the guy, and my benefit, and kept talking dirty to me while they showed me how horny they were for young meat. I laid there and let them do whatever they wanted to me as they stripped to show me their pussies and asses and make a good show for the lucky bastard on the other end of the computer.
Soon, mom and Zoey's pace began to increase as they were getting near the 15 minute mark that the guy paid for. They wrapped both of their hands around my cock and began stroking in unison. The feeling was like nothing I ever felt before as I felt a huge nut ready to blow. They encouraged me to cum for them, and I shot a ribbon of white goo up in the air, nearly hitting mom in the eye! They laughed and praised me for having such a good load for them, and the guy watching seemed to cum at the exact same time and logged off. I think mom is going to be using my cock for a lot more then shopping money.

Date Added: 05/13/2023
Starring: Simone Sonay and Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 21 mins

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