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Help me find my contact.

If you don't mind, I need your help. Get down on the floor with me and sort of crawl around but be careful. I'm looking for my lost eye contact. I can hardly see anything without my contacts in. Can you see it anywhere? I feel so foolish here on my hands and knees with my cleavage obviously spilling from my dress in this position but I must find that darn thing! You should be looking for my lost contact not trying to see down my dress. If it will help you focus on finding my contact maybe I can do something about that growing bulge I notice in your pants. Lie down for mommie so we can see exactly what's going on in those pants. Has a girl ever touched your penis or am I the first? I'll show you how a girl can take care of that hard penis of yours without even fucking it. I see how excited you are for mommie.
Is it my enormous breasts that make you excited? Is it the thought of doing something sexual with your dads wife that makes you so rock hard? I want to be a good mommie for you and keep you happy you know. You can hardly wait for mommie to jack you off can you? Do you think about how good your dick would feel sliding in between mommies big tits? I bet those college girls you go to school with don't have big tits like mine. Your cock feels so good against my warm titties. I know something else warm that I'm sure you would like to see. My pussy is as pretty as my perfect breasts. I'll show you my pink pussy as I jack you off. Do you like how my pussy is completely shaved? It's so soft and smooth around my pussy lips. I'm sure your dock would feel incredible inside my fleshy pussy. Would you like to fuck mommies pussy?
Think of how good mommies pussy would feel with you plowing deep inside while I bring your cock to orgasm. Mommie is going to jerk the cum right out from your cock. It feels so good doesn't it? Oh yes, look at all that cum for mommie. What a good boy you are. You are such a good boy. Did you like the way mommie made you cum? Oh hey! I see my contact on the carpet! It was there the whole time. I just needed a different perspective to find it. Thank you for helping mommie and remember this needs to be our little secret.

Date Added: 02/22/2022
Starring: Karen Fisher
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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