Sisters have a cranking contest.  |  (Random)

Sisters have a cranking contest.

My sister and I have always been competitive with each other. We've stolen boyfriends from one another and even fooled around with each others boyfriends and husbands on occasion. I told her about the day I jacked off my step-son in my bathroom and then brought him over to her house to get in on the family fun. Not to be outdone, she immediately started her own perverted routine with her step-son. We are having a casual conversation one day about our new found bond with our step-sons when I could feel the competitive nature between us brewing. When I mention I think we should have a contest, she of course replies that she will win. This statement just fuels my fire to definitely have a contest with her of who can jack off their step-son to cum first. The loser has to treat the winner to a day at the spa. How can I resist that offer? I've been wanking my son the longest so naturally I should be able to bring him to an orgasm the quickest. It's on!

We position the guys on her sofa and with a slight grin, pull their pants down and start to work. She is still so confident she will win this bet. We shall see. She talks so dirty to her son. She really turns into a sexual cock wizard with her hand wrapped around his stiffy. I take the more gentle approach with some good long strokes on my step-son's long shaft. We have the usual competitive banter between us but what is this?

I can see her son's legs tensing and his cock is standing completely at attention on its own! I think he is getting ready to release his load, which would make me the loser, once again, to my younger sister. This does not make me happy at all. I really get a tight grip around my son's pole and tell him if he disappoints me, he is in huge trouble at the house later. He obviously doesn't care much about what ever punishment may await him if he loses this bet for me. Within minutes, my sister pulls a nice amount of warm cum from my nephew's dick. She was right. She knew she would win, and she did. Oh well, I suppose as I am treating her to a day at the spa I can have one for myself so we both get rewarded at the same time. So I'm not really a loser after all. As for my step-son, he will have to really do a lot of sucking up to me if he wants any kind of cock cranking action from me any time soon. I am already thinking of the things he can do for me at home for penance on this embarrassment he caused today, things like... a 30 minute foot rub, scrubbing my kitchen floor, cleaning the bathroom... and on and on. If he wants to keep living under my roof, he will obey.

Date Added: 04/23/2023
Starring: Raylene and Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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