Step Mom and the Cock Doctor.  |  (Random)

Step Mom and the Cock Doctor.

I can't believe I'm sitting here in a supposed penis specialist's office. My step-mother thought it necessary to bring me to a cock doctor just because I'm nineteen and have not ever had a girlfriend. I may have mentioned I hate the size of my penis to her half jokingly and now here I am about to find out if I am well equipped or below average. My step-mom is kind of neurotic that way, thinking everything has to be approved or disapproved by a doctor. I had no idea what to expect at this appointment and I certainly didn't expect my Dr. to be a D.I.L.F. (Doctor, I'd, Like, to Fuck). I'm sitting here with a MILF and a DILF with no clue what is going to happen with my penis. The Dr. seemed to make everything sound as simple as measuring me while flaccid then measuring me when erect. I was getting turned on already with the thoughts of the sexy Dr. touching my dick.

Instead of the Dr. taking my member in her own hands, she instructed my mom to do so and let her know that she will be responsible for getting my dick hard. My mom is a totally sexy woman but it did seem weird that she was now responsible for my hard on so we could get on with the Dr. appt. My mom wrapped her hands around my shaft and started pumping. The Dr. joined in with some direction in cock stroking. My mom's hand felt so warm and tight around my dick. They took the necessary measurements for the exam and concluded my cock is above average all around. I can confidently go please any woman with my member. So here am sitting with two hot women and a raging hard on. The Dr. let my mom know it was o.k. to finish me off since it wouldn't be right to send me into public with blue balls.

Not only did my mom stroke me with all the tender loving care she applies to everything she does, she pulled up her dress and mounted me! She exclaimed my dick is larger than my dad's and she wanted to fuck me. The Dr. encouraged us to fuck right in front of her! My mom rode my thick dick like a champ. Before dis-mounting she plunged herself deep with my rod until she achieved orgasm. Hearing her moans of pleasure made me almost shoot my load inside her but before I did she popped off my cock and knelt in front of me to finish me off with hand job. As my toes were curling from a mind numbing orgasm, I could hear the Dr. say I shouldn't have any more self esteem issues from my dick size. Better yet is what I hear my mom say, that we would be spending lots more time together. Why go out and get a girlfriend when I have my mom at home? Now let's see how long we can keep this hidden from my Dad.

Date Added: 03/23/2020
Starring: Simone Sonay and Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 25 mins

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