I don't think your penis is too small.  |  (Random)

I don't think your penis is too small.

Something seems to be troubling you lately son, what it is? You need to talk to me about your penis? What happened to it? Did you catch a nasty disease from some skank at college? Well come on, you can tell me even though I'm not your real mom it may make it easier that I am your stepmom. You've been watching a lot of porn and now you think your penis is too small? You can't compare yourself to what you see in those moves sweetheart. There is a reason those people are paid actors to show off their private parts. Let me see your penis. It's o.k. You know the average penis is only 5-7 inches. You say you are closer to the 5inch side? I'm sure it's a lovely penis. Let's get these pants off you and have a look. Your dad isn't on the larger side either so maybe you take after him. It's not a bad thing to have a smaller size penis. If I am to see your full capacity I have to get your penis erect. Don't worry! I'm not going to tell your dad about this. This is between me and you to help you feel confident about your manhood.

I think your penis size is just right. It looks just like your dad's dick. I think his penis is perfect and so is yours. Your penis is perfect for taking someone's virginity and for anal! It's just enough to make its presence known without being offensive.

You have no idea how many women you are going to make happy with this perfect penis of yours. If I wasn't married to your dad I would fuck you. I don't think he would divorce me if he ever found out I jacked you off. I would tell him it was only to make you feel good about yourself like any good mother would want for her son.

I love playing with your penis. It feels so good in my hand. It's just the right size in my grip. Do you like the way my spit makes your penis slippery? I'm making it slippery so I can stroke the cum from it. Would you like to give your stepmom your cum? I think you should give it to me. Oh what a good boy you are. I know I said earlier that I would only do this once for you but I've changed my mind. I love your small cock. Anytime you want me to play with it for you, let me know. Next time I'll take off all my clothes and spread my pussy for you.

Date Added: 03/19/2023
Starring: Raylene
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 13 mins

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