Stepmoms twisted stroking contest.  |  (Random)

Stepmoms twisted stroking contest.

I lead such a lazy life. I find a guy with a big heart and a big bank account to match, tell him how much I love him then next thing I know, I'm his wife. It's pretty easy to be taken care of. I mean, why would I want to waste my sexy self on someone who was poor? I want things, lots of things. I like to drive expensive cars and wear cute designer clothes. I find myself often bored though. My husband works long hours to buy me every thing I ask for. He is such a good husband to me and a great Dad to his two boys. Its kind of weird being a step mom to two guys who aren't much younger than me. They are pretty good guys but I do find them looking at me with a little lust sometimes which can be uncomfortable yet enticing. I decided to give them a fun fantasy one day with a generous reward for the winner. We were all sitting around the house when I came up with a fun contest for the two of them. I would jack off both their cocks at the same time and who ever could hold their cum in the longest gets my old BMW. Their dad is buying me a new one soon since my BMW is now almost one year old. This game will satisfy my curiosity of wondering if these guys are hung like their dad, plus it will give us all a bonding experience I think. Their dicks were hard for me even before I pulled them from their pants. I knew they liked me but I didn't think they liked their stepmom this much! I loved having them both in my grip simultaneously. I must admit I would have like to ride them both up my tiny twat. I feel I have to at least save that for their father though. I showed them my tits their dad bought for me. They both stared at me, not saying a word. I was enjoying how much control I had over them. I saw their cocks bounce when I took my panties off and bent over to show them my puffy pussy. I teased them that they may get to fuck my pussy like their dad does sometime. I could tell they were having a hard time holding their load back once I got naked. I decided to really go for the one who's dick was sticking straight up for me. I knew neither of them wanted to give up their cum first since there was a new car for them riding on the line. Secretly I wanted the smaller dick son to win the car because I already had plans in my mind to fuck the larger dick son. I would give up my pussy to his long straight cock everyday if he wants. I think my pussy is a much better prize than my used BMW. I milked the smaller dick of his cum so quickly he probably forgot he was supposed to be holding it back. I salivated at the thought of bouncing my pussy on the supposed loser son. Hell, I should just give the keys right now to the winner so he can go for a drive in his new car while the loser and I fuck like animals in his bedroom while the house is empty. I'm so glad I came up with this fun game for the boys and now I get a big cock and money all from the same family.

Date Added: 02/27/2023
Starring: Sarah Jessie
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 15 mins

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