She earns her mardi-gras beads.  |  (Random)

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She earns her mardi-gras beads.

Here we are in New Orleans, while my step-mom goes out for the night I am left on the couch to sleep off the cold I caught. I can hardly believe she is leaving me here alone when shes the one who gave me her stupid cold. I cant blame her though for wanting to have fun. My dad certainly doesn't care about making sure she is smiling. I wonder where he is, the selfish bastard. Soon as I kick this sickness, I'm going to take my mom out and show her off like she should be. She looks so hot tonight and I can only imagine what she did to earn all those beads she has around her neck. In fact imagining what she did is making my cock stir under this heavy blanket. She says she is going to help my night get a whole lot better by giving me a little taste of what she was doing on the party streets of New Orleans.

Date Added: 12/28/2021
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 21 mins

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