Hot for Stepmom.  |  (Random)

Hot for Stepmom.

I thought I could trust a secret with my step-sister. I had to tell someone what I've been thinking about toward my new step-mom. I thought maybe unloaded my dirty fantasies would make them go away or at least not be such a constant bother. I was wrong. After I spilled my secret longing for my step-mom to my sister I found myself wanting something to happen for real with her. It's something about an older woman who is confident and subtly sexy that makes my cock swell in my pants until I have the all consuming desire to rub one out in privacy since there is no way anything sexual could happen in real life. My sister swore she wouldn't say a word to anyone about my secret and as far as I knew she hadn't. I came home from school early today to find my step-mom alone in my sister's bedroom, reading what appeared to be a diary. My sister wrote the secret I told her in her diary and now my step-mom read it and knows exactly what I desire. How am I going to explain myself out of this mess?

Turns out I didn't have to explain myself at all. My mom confronted me regarding what she read in the diary but then found herself flattered to be desired by me in that way. She said she didn't think of herself as a MILF but since I saw her that way it made her want to play a little with my dirty thoughts of her. She said she would not fuck me but if I lie down beside her she would play with my cock. No way was I going to shy away from a hand job from her. This is what I have been having fantasies about! The fact she is going to jack me off on her own daughter's bed where she read my dirty thoughts out load made this whole situation even more titillating. I knew her mature hands wrapped around my shaft would send my psyche into places never visited before. Not only was she stroking me with great satisfaction, she removed her clothes so I could view her soft naked body as she continued to give me pleasure. For only a few seconds I had a panicked thought of my dad coming home from work early and finding his wife and son together like this. That nervousness quickly turned into more intense excitement with every tight stroke she gave my rigid shaft. As I watched her tits bounce, I felt my load begin to build for her. She stroked quicker and asked for my hot creamy cum which I gave her. Then, spoken like a true mom, as soon as I spewed my cream she said I had to hurry and clean up before my sister came home and found us in her bedroom. I'm going to consider spilling my sick family secrets more often and see just how far these fantasies become possible reality.

Date Added: 01/13/2023
Starring: Holly West
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 16 mins

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