Stepmom models sexy outfits then strips for my spunk.  |  (Random)

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Stepmom models sexy outfits then strips for my spunk.

My stepmom could be really be like model hot. Seriously, she has the right bone structure and perfect boobs but she is so frumpy. She doesn't really do much to make herself more girly since my dad died last year. She mainly stays at home and makes sure all my needs are met like a good mom should. She keeps the house clean and all of my meals made. She wants to make sure I am happy at home with her since I am all she has left for family after my father's unexpected death. One night she called me into her room to ask my opinion of which top would make her more attractive to guys. I guess she's had enough of her dildos and is ready to go get herself a real dick.

I could tell she was a little shy about having me be the judge of which top enhanced her bounteous bosom. She tried to play it all cool like it was no big deal but I could really sense she was unsure just how very attractive she really is. It was like she was convincing herself it was time to get back in the dating scene. I was just excited to get a non-pervy opportunity to stare at her tits, I mean at her blouse options. I can't believe she asked me if her tits would be noticeable! Mom! Go look in the mirror, or better yet look what is happening in my pants as a result of checking you out. Ah! She noticed my bulge! But what she said next really blew me away. She does everything around the house to take care of me like I said, but now she said she would even take care of my boner before she leaves for her date. How many moms are generous or caring enough to offer to stroke their son's fuck stick before leaving for a date? I am one lucky boner bearing boy right now. She kept her top off while instructing me to sit beside her so she can get into my pants and get on my cock with those mature hands of hers. I could hardly wait to have my meat-pole in her grasp.

I loved it when she said this felt wrong but she didn't stop spanking the monkey for the spunk delivery. I was enjoying this so much I let her get her arm workout from the wanking for a good ten minutes at least before giving up my load. I let my goo go when she called me a good boy and momma's little angel. She must have had a great time taking care of my cock cause she says she gonna cancel her date for tonight so we can have some more fun together later.

Date Added: 08/03/2022
Starring: Jennifer Best
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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