I'm her Halloween date.  |  (Random)

I'm her Halloween date.

Just when I had resigned myself to spending Halloween in my bedroom alone, my step mom burst in my room with another plan. She said my dad refused to dress up and go to this mansion in Hollywood where tons of hot sexy people will be. My mom looked pretty damn cute dressed in her steam punk outfit and she is so convincing that I will have a good time I agreed to wear the costume that my dad wouldn't. She left it for me to change into then came back in my room to make sure I met her approval before taking me out in public. I'm twenty, she should give me more credit but I let her do her mom thing. Out of nowhere she sprang one more stipulation to going out on me. In her twisted head she concluded that unless she jacked me off before we left, she would no doubt find me mounted up on some hottie at the party.\r\n\r\nNow I don't know if I would fuck a random girl at a Halloween party but as it's said there is a first for everything. For this very reason, my mom declared she was going to rid me of my nasty seed before we leave. I'm pretty sure I could take care of this myself but she was determined to make sure I had a complete release so I would be satiated for at least a few hours from thinking of sex. Mom knows best so I did as she instructed and laid down so she could do as she felt she needed to for a successful night out with me. I was slightly nervous about her taking my dick in her hand. My dad was just down the hall. What if he decided to come check on why we were taking so long in here? I dunno, ultimately I relaxed as I figured my mom would have more explaining to do than I should we be caught. \r\n\r\nShe kept saying what a nice looking dick I have. I'm not sure how I felt about all the compliments on my cock coming from her. It's still awkward to think about, my mom stroking my stiffy but it felt so good and I wanted to go to that party so I left her to her own devices. She lubed my cock nice and wet with her saliva and talked so dirty to me I completely forgot we could be caught by my dad any minute. What really turned me on and made me crazy was when she showed me her ruffle panties under her costume. Her toned body and ass in those lace panties made my cock throb with desire for her. Just when I was imagining sliding my rod in her MILF pussy I let my load go. She praised me on such a nice cum load and then it came out again! She completely drained my balls of any angst. Now that my head, pun intended was clear she said to be ready to leave in a few minutes. I can only anticipate what sexy chicks will be at this party, too bad my cock will be out of commission for at least a few hours thanks to my mom. Oh well, maybe mom does know best. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Date Added: 12/29/2022
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 20 mins

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