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Making step mommie CeCe Stone feel good

Your step mother CeCe is concerned that your dad might be cheating on her with his sexy new big-breasted secretary. This has made her feel self-conscious about her own appearance. Do you know anything about what your dad might be thinking? Do you like step mommie CeCe's tits? They are not big or fake, but the concern she has is that she wants to make her husband happy. Oh, you cannot see them through the shirt? Okay, she will show them to you so that you can make a judgment. After all, you have seen your dad's secretary. You are surprised at how perky her titties are and she is able to tell how much you like what you see. Is she turning you on? CeCe suggests that it would be a bad idea to leave you with a hard dick and full balls, so she tells you to pull your dick out and stroke it. She observes that your dick is even bigger than her husband's dick is and this makes her hornier for you. She cannot resist playing with her pussy as she watches you jack off. The positive attention you are giving her is apparently quite the turn on for this older woman and she encourages you to continue playing with your dick as you come closer to her pussy. You can feel the heat coming off of her pussy and you can smell her now. You want to dive in there and lick that pussy, but right now she is focused on your needs. She demands that you stroke yourself off till you cum on her small titties and you follow her lead. It seems that you have made step mommie CeCe feel very good about herself today. You are a very good step son.

Date Added: 08/01/2022
Starring: CeCe Stone
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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