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I need superb sperm from you

I'm not quite sure how to approach this subject so I'm just going to come out and say what I need from you. First, you can't say anything about meeting with me today and second, don't be offended by what I am about to do. You see, if you're going to be my son in law I have to know for sure that you are capable of giving my daughter superb sperm so that I can have beautiful grandchildren. I want lots of beautiful grandchildren. I've already taken my daughter in for a full exam and she is in top physical form. In order for me to find out what condition your sperm is in I must retrieve a sample from you to take to my Doctor. I couldn't just come out and ask you to give me a sample of your semen. How would I know for sure you were handing me your spunk unless I cranked it out myself? Which is what I intend to do.

Go on and lie down so I can get to work. This isn't so horrible, I mean, you are going to get a hand job from your future mother in law. It's purely for genetic procreation purposes of course. Oh my, I can see why my daughter really is head over heels in love with you, look at the size of your cock! No wonder she is always in a happy glow. You keep her completely sexually satisfied with this gorgeous hunk of man meat. As nice as it is, let's hope your lab work comes back with flying colors regarding your sperm rating. See, this isn't so bad is it? I'm no so bad looking for an older woman. My daughter actually looks quite a lot like me so just imagine it's your fiance working your wood right now. Of course, there will be no wedding or any talk of wedding until I get the lab results of your sperm, you understand?

All this cranking on your stiff shaft is making me quite warm. Do you mind if I disrobe a little? I don't mind showing you my breasts if it will make you spew a big load for me. I need to gather as much semen as possible for the lab work. Oh I can feel you getting close to release. Your cock just became even more rigid. Oh yes, give it all to me. Let me squeeze every last drop from your shaft. Can't waste any of this precious bebe batter. Ok, well that wasn't so difficult. Our meeting is over so you should probably get cleaned up and not say a word about what just happened. No talking of any wedding and for sure don't go surprising my daughter with an engagement ring until you have heard from me. It should take a few days to hear back from the Dr. regarding your lab results. I really do think you will fit in our family just fine especially since you were so accommodating for your possible future mother in law to touch your cock. This may not be the last time I need to touch it, for medical purposes, of course.

Date Added: 07/31/2022
Starring: Brenda James
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 13 mins

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