Special anal attention from my step mother Joclyn Stone  |  (Random)

Special anal attention from my step mother Joclyn Stone

Your step mother Joclyn noticed that you might have some kind of injury. You know that she took a nursing class for one semester, so maybe she can offer a hand. She asks when the last time was that you masturbated and you are a little embarrassed by her question. It has been a week, you confess. She believes that you might be a little backed up and she suggests that you just trust her and let her help you. Unzipping your pants for your step mother turns you on more than it should, but you go along with it when Joclyn asks you if she can stroke your cock. You go along with it when she asks you to trust her. She licks her finger and asks you to lean back as she slides her wet finger slowly into your ass. You tense up, but you know that your step mother Joclyn has only your best interest at heart as she fingers your virgin asshole. Keep stroking your cock while step mom Joclyn exposes her big titties. You find that you are relaxing with each stroke. She encourages you to continue stroking as she begins to play with her hairy pussy. She is like a porn star from the 1970s and she can sense how close your orgasm is. "Cum for mommy," she tells you and you blow a fat load. You do feel better now that your balls are empty. Mommy really does know best!

Date Added: 10/30/2022
Starring: Joclyn Stone
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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