You should be careful how you rub it.  |  (Random)

You should be careful how you rub it.

If someone were to give you a nickname it would have to be "The WankMaster" You can't keep your hands off your cock can you? Your step Mom is sympathetic to your situation. She lovingly removes the bandage from your freshly healed appendage and is so relieved to see that your penis has healed from all that rub and tub you do. Since she is your step mom she makes sure you feel completely comfortable with her examination so she wears surgical gloves. She knows you are probably embarrassed to have gotten yourself into this because there is only one way to create the wanking scabs that you had. She even puts her glasses on to make sure she can view all your dick skin closely. She is such a good mom. It concerns her that you obviously haven't been taught how to rub yourself properly so she is going to teach you. She lubes you nice and shiny then slowly strokes you to stiffness. You can hardly believe it when she lets a long stream of spit fall from her mouth onto your shaft. "How did I get so damn lucky?" you are thinking. It gets even better when she removes her examination gloves to grab a hold of your thick meat with her bare hands.

She is determined to show you how you can beat that meat pole into an explosive orgasm without injuring yourself. It's been awhile since you have got to touch yourself and you are not sure you can cum with your Mom doing the deed. When she sees you might need a little more stimulation she pulls her huge tits right out from her shirt. Oh wow! This is a vision that is going to stay with you for quite some time. The surprises don't stop there. She is not going to stop until you give her your cum which is being slightly stubborn today. She decides the next step is to start sucking like a Hoover on that loaded dick of yours. She bobs so vigorously her hair is flying everywhere. Those pouty lips and mature hands did the trick. You gave her a nice messy load all over her mouth and hands. She is a sexy sweaty mess herself after all that hard work for you. "The good new is your bandages can come of and that your cock works" she says as she concludes your lesson by tasting your sweet cum.

Date Added: 10/05/2022
Starring: Ariella Ferrera
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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