Its just you and me tonight.  |  (Random)

Its just you and me tonight.

Your father just phoned to say he will be delayed in joining us on our vacation. He won't arrive until tomorrow so that leaves you and me together tonight. You are such a perfect step-son the way you carry my luggage for me and tidy up the room. I feel kind of bad for you though. You've been sulking under a cloud of depression since you girlfriend dumped you. I thought a little family vacation might cheer you up but it hasn't. I think I've figured out what may bring a smile to your face. I know girl friends usually take care of their men sexually. I'm sure part of your gloom is you are back to depending on either of your own hands to satisfy your urges as they arise. What if I give you a nice slow massage down there to relieve some of that tension? Doesn't that sound nice? You just lay back and let me work some of my Mommie magic on your young wand. We won't tell your father about anything that happens tonight now will we? As a mother I feel I should do my best to help put a smile on your face with whatever means necessary. Awe, wow! Your dick looks just like your Dads! Do you smell like him too? Oh, you do. Your young skin is much smoother than his though. I see a smile on your face already. I'm really getting into stroking your shaft. It's actually turning me on to give your sexual pleasure. See, You are thinking about your ex-girlfriend at all are you? What if I used my honey saliva spit to lube that beautiful cock of yours? I can tell you like that, your dick just jumped. Would you like me to rub my soft breast flesh on your rod? I do that for your Dad and he likes it. You know what else he likes? He likes it when I show him my sexy curvaceous body. I can see you are totally absorbed into how good I am making you feel right now. I'm so happy to make you happy. Your cock feels so good in my warm hands. My pussy is warming up with the thought of your cock sliding in it but I can't. I won't let you fuck my pussy but I will titty fuck you with my large buttery soft tits. I see you staring at your cock sliding in between my flesh mounds. I want you to get off so good for me. I want to be the reason you wear a big smile for the rest of our family vacation. I want us to exchange a knowing glance and maybe a giggle when we look at each other and think of this night alone in the hotel room. You had so much cum! It just kept trickling out from you! I love that I could give you such intense pleasure but you have to promise to keep this our secret. I have another thought that might make you happy, let's clean up and go get some dinner. We still have the hotel room to ourselves tonight and Mommie has a very hungry pussy now. *wink

Date Added: 09/25/2022
Starring: Carey Riley
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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