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Hot rocker Step Mom gets me off good.

So I'm taking a day off from college classes and making it a lazy day of laying around the house when I found myself involved in a sneaky situation. I'm almost asleep on the sofa when I hear the patio door slowly slide open. I couldn't really tell who was coming in but I knew it was a female so I laid there perfectly still. Once the door was shut and she turned around I think she was as shocked as I was when our eyes met. The one sneaking in the house was my step-Mom! She was wearing an outfit that I would have never guessed her wearing, ever. She looked like a total 80's rocker chick right down to the silver hoop earrings and metal bracelet. She was wearing a t-shirt with the name of a band I've never heard of but it also said ‘Lock up your son's which by the look of everything, a very interesting story was about to unfold.
She tells me she lied to my Dad last night so she could go see some of her favorite rock bands that were in town. This sounds like something I would do! She looked pretty and embarrassed. I would even say if she were 20 years younger I would totally tap that! She began pleading with me not to tell my Dad where she was last night. I hadn't thought of telling him anyway because looking at her dressed like this just gave me masturbation visuals for later on. I mean, the more I looked at my Mom the more I was wishing I was 20 years younger.

Her legs looked so long and sexy in her black leather boots. Her lips were a hot pink color that I was imagining what they would like wrapped around my cock. As all these dirty thoughts were going through my head she brought me back to reality by saying that I could absolutely NOT tell my father about this and to ensure my silence she would give me a hand job. She knows I don't have a girlfriend at the moment and that I do spend a lot of alone time in my room.

This offer is almost to good to be true! I was going to jack off to the thought of her later anyway but here and right now she is going to crank me off and all I have to do is not say a word to my Dad. Grab a hold of my boner and get stroking Mom! Not only does my Mom lube me up really good and work my dick like no other girl has, she also talks dirty to me while she is doing this. Girls my age hardly know how to talk dirty, they get all embarrassed. Not my Mom, she tells me what a great looking dick I have and how much she would actually like to fuck it instead of wank it. She lubes her perky tits and plays with them. She spreads her legs wide and puts them over mine while she works my cock so good. She kept her super smooth latex gloves on the whole time. When she finally busted my nut all over those gloves I was a little dizzy, in a good way. She even offered to do this to me again. Man am I so glad I skipped school today!

Date Added: 07/29/2021
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 19 mins

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