Horny Holiday stepmom seduces me.  |  (Random)

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Horny Holiday stepmom seduces me.

I'm layin' around in my room trying to decide if I should go to a Christmas party or just crank one out and fall asleep, when I heard a knock at my bedroom door. It sounded like my step-mom asking if I was in my room, but she was supposed to be at my dad's annual Christmas party. Turns out she left the party after she found my dad making out with his secretary in the copy room. I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do about the situation so I just laid there and listened to her. She really looked heartbroken, sexy as fuck, and heartbroken. She sadly told me how she really went all out with choosing a sexy outfit this year in hopes of impressing my dad yet he hardly even noticed her. I couldn't let her see but when she walked in my bedroom in her Christmas outfit my dick began to swell immediately. I didn't want to go to the party tonight because I knew who would be there, lots of annoying over talkative chicks my own age who I can hardly stand to be around. All they care about is how expensive their designer purses are and who's hair extensions look the best. I want a real woman, some one with looks and heart, like my step-mom. So what if her body isn't as tight as these young twenty somethings my own age, she has held up well over the years, plus she is just so nice and cares for me.

This night couldn't be turning out better if I had planned it. My mom also told me she has been reading about young guys my age who are into older women like her. From the rock hard dick in my pants since she entered the room she put two and two together and concluded I am one of those young guys. She started to glow at the acknowledgement her presence was turning me on. She asked if I would want to be her young boy toy who would make her feel attractive and desirable. I was in a bit of a daze that this was happening but completely accepting to be whatever she wanted or needed. She started rubbing my groin area and then removed my pants to expose my rock hard dick of desire for her. She told me its bigger than my dads and felt so good in her hands. I didn't need to be compared to my dad but was secretly flattered that she was wanting to please me. She stroked my cock so good with her experienced hands. I loved the way she was talking to me, like this was our own secret intimate moment and just the beginning of many more to come. Her tit slipped out of its dress and since it was already exposed she showed me both of them, so perfect. The sight of her garter belt and sheer stockings sent me over the edge. I could feel the build up of cum just waiting to release all over her soft hands. I held back until she asked for my cum and then let it go, all of it, emptied my balls , all for her. As I lay there with my head reeling from such an intense release, she actually said she was glad my dad did what he did because now it gave us our chance to bond and make a special holiday memory of our own as well as give us a sexy start to a brand new year.

Date Added: 01/29/2022
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 24 mins

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