My cheating step mom jerked me off to keep me quiet.  |  (Random)

My cheating step mom jerked me off to keep me quiet.

My stepmom is pretty hot. I have fantasized her a lot while growing up, and admittedly have a little crush on her. One day I came home early from classes, and I heard some noise coming from my parents bedroom. I knew my mom and dad were at work, so I cracked open the door a little bit to see if we were being robbed or what. What I saw in my parents room was so shocking that I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw my hot mom in bed with some strange guy! I know they couldn't see me, so I watched for a while, getting angrier yet more turned on as this big dude pounded my mom's pussy while she moaned like a slut in heat.

I snuck away before they saw me, and decided to confront them right then and there and threaten to tell my dad that mom was cheating on him. I went back down the hallway and saw them kissing as they were getting dressed. I heard her tell him that she was happy that he got off for lunch to come over for an afternoon quickie. I moved back down the hall just in time for my mom to realize that I was home and she was busted. She made some lame excuse about this guy being an old friend of hers, and he even helped the lie by saying it was great that she "showed him around".

After he left, she shut the door and turned to me with a very serious look on her face. "So, what's it going to take to keep your mouth shut about this?" she asked me. I was furious, and a jealous that she would let some other guy fuck her in my dad's own bed. She told me to follow her into her room so we could discuss what happened and work out some sort of arrangement for me to keep quiet and not tell my dad. Well, it would have to be something pretty good for me not to spill the beans on her affair. Little did I know how far she would actually go to buy my silence.

She started telling me that she and my dad haven't been getting along that well lately, and that my pop only wanted to watch football and drink beer, and wasn't paying any attention to her. I believe that, I've never seen my dad be romantic or anything with her. As I said earlier, I had a crush on her myself, and I think I was more jealous than anything. If she was going to be fucking another guy, I wanted it to be me! Once she realized that I had a thing for her, she realized that what she could do to keep me quiet. All she had to do was give me a little taste of what she had been giving to someone else. It turns out that my Mom is actually quite the town slut behind my dad's back. She told me that she had lots of "friends" who keep her satisfied, and that she needs lots of cock because she is such a whore. She told me to lie down on the bed and she would give me a handjob if I would keep quiet. I had been dreaming of my mom for years, so now I knew that this was my chance.

I laid down on the bed as my mom proceeded to give me one of the best handjobs I've ever had. She used her mouth on my tool and beat my dick like it owed her money! She took off her clothes and let me have a good look at her perfect MILF body. Mom even told me that she let other guys fuck her in the ass, and if I was a good boy and kept my mouth shut, that I would get to tap that ass as well. That was all it took to blash a huge load of cum from my cock, and my mom slurped it all up like the good little whore she is. Now that I know what a dirty whore my mom is, things are going to be a little different around here.

Date Added: 07/22/2022
Starring: Simone Sonay
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Running Time: 19 mins

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