Playing with step mommy Joclyn's panties (with Joclyn Stone)  |  (Random)

Playing with step mommy Joclyn's panties (with Joclyn Stone)

You are a little uncomfortable when you find your step mother Joclyn folding her bras and panties in the laundry room. She sees that you have a bulge in your pants, though, so she offers up her panties for you to touch. They are so very soft and lacy. Step mommy Joclyn wonders what you want to do with them. Would you smell them? Touch them? She decides that the best thing is for you to get your rocks off, so she tells you to slide your hand up and down your hard dick. You are standing in the laundry room jacking your dick as your step mother talks sweetly to you. This seems wrong, but there is no way that you can stop yourself now! She takes her titties out and jiggles them a bit, asking you to think about sliding your dick between them. "Stroke it for mommy," she purrs, and then she hands you her lacy panties and tells you to wrap them around your hard cock. Step mommy Joclyn knows all, and she knows that you need to cum right now. You stroke faster and faster until your jizz is all over the laundry room floor and your step mommy's pretty panties.

Date Added: 07/17/2022
Starring: Joclyn Stone
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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