Karen Fisher, my big-breasted future step mother  |  (Random)

Karen Fisher, my big-breasted future step mother

Your father is going to get married to Karen very soon. She will be your new step mother and she wants to get to know you a little better. This woman is not shy. She tells you that your father cannot always satisfy her extreme sexual appetite and that she needs to fulfill herself outside of the relationship. Is it warm in here? She takes off her blouse and comes right out to ask you to show her your cock. She wants to know if it is as large as your father's cock is. Will you stroke that big thing for her? Now is not the time to play shy, boy, because she knows that you look at her. You like staring at her big titties and you both know it. Her bra can scarcely contain them. She removes the bra and shakes her fat tits right at you. Your big dick would be lost between them. When she tells you that her pussy is wet, she quickly shows you exactly how wet it is. You never thought that your father would marry a cougar, but this seems to be what she is. She is a MILF! Whatever you want to call her, your hand never once stops jacking your hard cock. She is on her back on the bed, legs fully spread, encouraging you to keep jacking off for her. She jiggles her big tits for you. There was never a doubt in your mind that your jizz would eventually end up on her massive mammaries and you stroke yourself like a man possessed to that end. You cover her bouncy boobs with all that you possibly can and your efforts seem to have pleased your future step mother. It is going to be really fun living with her!!

Date Added: 05/18/2022
Starring: Karen Fisher
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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