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Stepmom is your #1 girl.

Hi honey. Can I talk with you? This is about that girl you've been seeing. I know you're a grown man and can spend time with whomever who choose but I don't think that girl is the best one for you. She will never love you or care for you as much as I do. I worry that she will trap you with a pregnancy and you will be stuck in a bad situation. I've seen girls like her before, many times, and I don't like them. You're special to me even though you aren't my biological son, I love you as if you were from my own blood. Do you understand what I am saying to you? I am your Number 1 girl sweetheart and I will always be. No other girl can come between us and I want to make sure you don't get trapped by any of them. I have a plan I want you to agree to. Whenever you have a date with that girl I will first take care of your needs so you don't go to far with her. You get what I mean by taking care of your needs, right? I will jack you off so it takes away the overpowering urge to have sex with her and ruin the rest of your life. I love you that much. It's not completely wrong since I'm only your stepmom.

Think of this on technical terms, Man has needs and Mom takes care of everything. Just lay back and pretend that I am that girl who is touching you. She doesn't deserve you by the way. Don't give that girl your power. You should leave your power here at home where it's safe with your Mom. I have your best interests in mind all the time. Do you like hearing your Mom say she owns your cock? You like giving your power to your Mom don't you? Oh yes, push back into my hands as I stroke you. Right there at the tip is where you like it don't you? It's so sensitive at the tip. You make me so proud to stroke you off son. You get so hard for me don't you? You're mom's special young man. I want you to give me a big nut. Do you like the way both of my hands fit around your stiff dick? You are so hard its shows me how much you love me. Do you mind if I take off my skirt? Did you know you would make your mom wet? That's right, my pussy is really wet right now. What do you think about that? Touching your glorious cock has made me horny. That's it, feel my grip around your shaft.

I can hardly wait to see what kind of hot load you will give me. Are you ready? Are you ready to give your Number 1 girl all your hot jizz? Oh yes, give it to me, please! I will stroke you as fast as I can...Ah! Wow! You made mom's hands a big mess! I am so proud of all the cum you gave me. Now you can relax on your date tonight and you won't have any pressure to give that slut girl your goo. Now I'm going to get cleaned up for dinner and you should do the same. We won't mention a word of what just happened to your father. It will be our secret who is my special boy in this house.

Date Added: 06/16/2022
Starring: Darryl Hanah
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 16 mins

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