Rubbing step mommy's feet (with Sarah Vandella)  |  (Random)

Rubbing step mommy's feet (with Sarah Vandella)

Your step mom Sarah had a long day at work and her feet are killing her. You sit with her and she cannot resist taking off her shoes. Would you like to rub her feet? She is so pretty and you want to help her. When her feet are free of her high heels, you can feel your dick start to get hard. You know that you should not touch her feet, but you cannot resist. You take her foot into your hand and step mom asks if you might have a bit of a foot fetish. She is okay with it if you do. She is also quite pleased with how your work on her feet and then she asks if you have ever had a girl rub her feet on your cock before. Your step mommy puts her foot on your hard dick and she says that you seem like you are much bigger than your dad is. Mommy Sarah plays with her titties a bit and then she tells you she is going to tease you a little bit with her foot. A little teasing between step mom and step son is okay, she thinks. You're of legal age, so everything is fine. Your cock, finally revealed, impresses step mommy Sarah. You start jerking your dick for her. She knows how horny guys your age tend to be and she encourages your stroke session with some teasing words and the promise that your cumload will be on her feet. You drop your load over every bit of her sexy feet. She is your favorite step mom ever!

Date Added: 02/27/2022
Starring: Sarah Vandella
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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