My step mommie Jean is a dominatrix!  |  (Random)

My step mommie Jean is a dominatrix!

Your step mommie Jean wants to tell you something. Have you noticed that your dad does everything that Jean asks him to do without question or argument? Well, yeah, you noticed it, but you never gave it much thought. It turns out that your step mommie is a dominatrix! She tells you that she thinks that with a little training, you will also make a very good submissive. Are you ready for your first lesson? The first thing you must do is to remove your clothes: first your shirt, then your pants, then your socks. Your step mommie dominatrix notices your arousal immediately and it makes her laugh. The family resemblance is pitiful and you are ordered to slap yourself across your own face. DO IT. Oddly, your dick gets harder with each self-inflicted slap. Now you are ordered to your knees, the "ready" position. Is that as big as your cock can get? Oh dear, that little pee pee is a shame. Well, even though it is tiny, you should go ahead and stroke it. Enjoy this because you are now under Jean's control and you are not to touch yourself or have an orgasm unless she orders it. She changes her mind and tells you to stop stroking and to get on all fours and bark like a big dog. No, wait, now bark like a little yippy Chihuahua instead. This pleases her quite a lot and she orders you back to your knees and to stroke your cock again. Is it too difficult to control yourself? You are told to cum and you are embarrassed of the mess you have made, but you look forward to the next time Jean spends time with you. (((Because you are so worthless to her, Mistress Jean Bardot removes no clothing in this clip. You did not really think that she would get naked for you, did you, boy?! You really do have a lot to learn.)))

Date Added: 12/24/2018
Starring: Jean Bardot
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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