Bitchy Mom becomes bomb ass hot!  |  (Random)

Bitchy Mom becomes bomb ass hot!

I know I'm a lazy slob. Why should I go get a job or bust my ass cleaning the house if I don't have to? My dad says as long as I am going to college I don't have to work outside the house, or inside. My step-mom on the other hand, thinks otherwise. She is smoking hot, my step-mom. The only way my dad landed a babe like her is because of money. We don't live a lavish lifestyle but he makes her as comfortable as possible. The only thing he really demands is that the house is clean every day when he returns home from work. Some days I like to fuck with my mom and leave stuff everywhere just to watch her bend over and pick up the trash. I like to watch her hips sway as she vacuums. She really is super sexy and doesn't even know it. If she would shut her mouth and fix herself up once in awhile maybe she would feel better about herself and not feel the need to gripe and complain about cleaning up after me.

Maybe, if she put on some sexy lingerie, let her hair down and put some heels on she may even like cleaning up after me. She would recognize me as the young virile stud that I am and actually ask me how she could serve me better. She would lead me into her bedroom and have me lie down on the very bed she sexually services my dad on. Her bitchy whiney voice would be gone and she would speak to me so seductively. She says she only married my dad because she wanted to be close to me. The more she talks the harder my dick is growing. It is rock hard by the time she places her hand on my crotch. She says we are going to have fun and oh how I am a little nervous at the sight of such the gorgeous goddess she has become just for me. Right away she shows me her huge tits that were practically spilling out from her corset. Oh how I want to wrap my lips around her nipples and suck. I'm so nervous I will lay here and let her direct where she wants this to go, after all she is serving me, my cock. Holy fuck I love how she holds my pole. I can hardly believe she confesses she only married my dad so she can stay home and play with me.

How is this all happening? Is this real or fantasy? It certainly feels real to me. I am in ecstasy from all this attention my cock is getting from the sexiest woman I know. She asks if I am going to give her my sticky cum. My mom, asking if I will give her my hot sticky cum! If she keeps working my pole like she is she will get every drop of my jizz all over her pretty hands. Just when I was about to let it spew she turned her tight body around so I could stick my dick in between her ass cheeks. I was hoping to slide it in her little perfect puckerhole but she climbed off me and continued stroking my rod, faster and faster. I was practically convulsing by the time I ejaculated on her skilled hand. My dick was so sensitive and she kept rubbing it as she told me to be a good boy and lay still. This woman was blowing my mind not only did she take my cum she gave me permission to go back to watching my cartoons as she continued cleaning. My perfect fantasy.

Date Added: 12/24/2021
Starring: Maya Hills
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 15 mins

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