A hard-on for my step mom (with Summer Brielle)  |  (Random)

A hard-on for my step mom (with Summer Brielle)

Your step mother Summer looks like a porn star to you. She is blonde and she has big boobs. She comes to you because she senses that you are distracted and she wants to help you. Ever since your dad bought her those fat titties, you have not been able to look her in the eye. Summer just wants to make you feel more comfortable. You seem to be obsessed with her tits, so if she lets you see them, she thinks this might cure you of your obsession. Step mommy Summer notices your hard-on and she asks you to take it out. Her nipples are peeking out from her bra, but she soon slides out of her skin-tight dress so that you can see all that she has to offer, including the fact that she wears no panties! You are invited to put your face right in your step mommy's cleavage and you jump on the opportunity. That was more than enough to drive you closer to your orgasm. Finally you are allowed to cum on your step mom's fat titties, but you are not sure that this experience will make you pay less attention to her titties.

Date Added: 11/29/2021
Starring: Summer Brielle
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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