Help Mom have a baby.  |  (Random)

Help Mom have a baby.

Thank you for taking a few moments to come have a talk with me. Your father and I have only been married a year so I know I haven't been your step-mom for very long but I have something very important to talk with you about. You see, my biological clock is ticking rather quickly. I want to have a baby. Your father and I have been trying, without success. I went to the Dr. and check out just fine but I think it's your dad little soldiers that's the problem, they're a little worn and tired if you catch what I am saying. I need young, strong healthy sperm. What better way to keep this in the family than by gathering some of your semen and inseminating me with it! It's brilliant really, and your father will never know if you can keep this a secret. I won't be fucking you for it but will extract it with some good ol' cock cranking if you are in agreement with this idea. You are? That's wonderful, we'll lie down so I can get to work on the willie of yours. Oh my goodness you came prepared with a full erection from just sitting here talking with you!

It's nice to know I still can make a young mans cock hard before touching it. You think your step-mom is pretty sexy still huh? Oh wow, your cock is larger than your father's. This is going to be fun getting your young cum from you. Look at that soft mushroom shaped tip you have, very nice indeed. Does my grip feel good? I love having a hard cock in my hand and it's been so long since I have. I especially like your young tight balls in my hand. Shall I spit on your shaft and make it slippery? We should make this fun for you. I'll get undressed for you. Mommie loves that hard dick of yours. Can I massage it with my pretty feet? I love the feel of a hard dick in the caress of my feet and toes. Do you like what I'm doing to you? I'm so glad you agreed to give me your precious gift. I can hardly wait to have part of you injected deep into me and to feel your seed start growing inside me. Do you have a nice big load for me? I need a nice big load from you ok? Give mommie a nice load of hot jizz for my collection cup. I'm ready for it, every last drop in my cup. Oh yes, what a good son you are! I think this huge load will do the trick nicely and if not, I will be back for more.

Date Added: 11/19/2021
Starring: Lisa Demarco
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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