I think you have a porn addiction.  |  (Random)

I think you have a porn addiction.

You are supposed to be at school today. Now that you're in college it's easy for you not to be missed in class isn't it? Staying home in a quiet empty house and having a masturbation marathon sounded so much better than anything that would have happened in class today. There was one hitch that you didn't plan on, your step-mom coming home from work early. She heard the moaning coming from your latest favorite porn vid and opened to the door to find you with your cock in hand. You hoped she would shut the door and let you finish what you started but no such luck today. She came back and proceeded to lecture you about having a porn addiction. She knows every time she hears moaning in your bedroom that you aren't entertaining a girl, you're just keeping company with your cock. Now she is saying she can help you. Yeah, you can help me by leaving me alone with my dick in hand and my favorite fucking video in effect. Gawd, she wont shut up, my step-mom, she is now saying how gross my room is to clean up. She's gabbing on and on about crusty keyboards and stiff socks. I have the perfect solution, stay out of my room! Yes, she leaves. No, she's back! What is in her hands? Lube and body wipes? Whoa, what kind of help is she talking about here? Now she's starting to act all seductive and flirty. I couldn't make this stuff up. I think she's coming on to me. Oh wow, there is no way I can do to my step-Mom what I was just watching on my laptop. No way. So what is she going to do to help me? Um, I think she is going to jerk my dick for me. Yep, I guessed right. She asks me to lie down and relax so she can put those mature hands on my dick and crank one out for me. She assures me that her hands will feel so much better than my familiar ones. She lubes my shaft all shiny and gets to work. It doesn't take long for my wood to come back with her firm grip and stroking skills. As she removes her blouse and exposes her gorgeous pale breasts she says for me not to tell my Dad about any of this. That thought didn't cross my mind to be honest. Only thoughts crossing my mind was I'm getting jerked by one of the hottest MILFs I know! She doesn't stop at her tits. She says I probably want to see MILF pussy and then promptly wiggles herself out from her pencil skirt. She is so sexy! She has her belly button pierced and a little tattoo. I had no idea how cool my step-Mom is. She bends down in front of me and continues to stroke me until she asks for my cum. I gave her one of the biggest loads I've had this week. I could hardly believe my eyes when she licked some of it off her hand! She then says she wants to hear about all my hot dates I am going to go out on and tell her every nasty detail. Hey, as long as I get this action every once in a while from her, I will even make up the nasty date details. Thanks for the unexpected surprise today Mom!

Date Added: 10/30/2021
Starring: Kylie DeVille
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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