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Stepmoms spanking punishment.

All I needed was about an hour more of sleep but my stepmother insisted it was time to rise and shine. Oh I did rise, but not the way she wanted me to. What was I supposed to do? She came in my room to wake me dressed only in a clingy t-shirt and tight panties. My step mother is one hot woman and not much older than I. Of course my dick stood straight up in morning wood glory. She did not approve of my erection on her behalf and exclaimed I was to be punished by spanking. I'm eighteen, and way to old for spankings! The only reason I positioned myself over her sexy knees is I was even more turned on at the thought of lying on her naked legs. She is the one who wanted me bare bottomed so what could she expect but a little pre ejac leakage on her behalf. This discovery only disgusted her. She instructed me to lie over her knees again as she administered heavy handed slaps to my ass. I actually think she was enjoying slapping my ass and may have felt some guilt as she offered me milk and cookies instead of going to school today. I have such a huge crush on her. Now I have to think of something else to disappoint her with so I can be punished again, and again.

Date Added: 09/30/2020
Starring: Candle Boxxx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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