Caught again! by my step mom's best friend.  |  (Random)

Caught again! by my step mom's best friend.

You are really liking this game your step mother and you have going. You thought she would be totally upset when she caught you jerking off in her bathroom last month. Not only was she NOT upset, she got busy with some mature skills on your shaft and made you cum herself! You knew your mom was going shopping with her best friend Ariella and you heard them talking in the kitchen. You figured you had all the time you needed to sit in your moms bathroom and work one out again. You love the smell of your moms bathroom with all of her lotions and perfumes that linger in the air. It's the only reason you keep going back in there and risk getting caught. Today you did, get caught, again. When Ariella walked in on you, you both froze and shared that awkward moment of Ut oh, now what? She apologized and shut the door.

You weren't sure what she would go say to your mom so you figured it would be best to go to your bedroom and just be quiet until they left to go shopping. You had no idea your mom would actually bring her hot friend Ariella into your room to tell that THEY were sorry for the embarrassment of interrupting your meat beating. Your mom noticed right away that you didn't finish what you started in her bathroom. With a few awkward giggles the sexy MILFS let you know they were there to get the task of emptying your testicles done.

Before you knew it they had your underwear removed and were lubing up your pole. Oh, they have stroked many a dick in their day. It shows. You are such the lucky boy to be receiving their strong handed skills. They play with your balls, shine the tip, stroke the shaft. They do it all with gentle encouragement to give them your hot sticky cum. These women want it! They want your young cum. Being the good but dirty little son you are certainly wont disappoint them. You had a huge amount of stress built up in those balls which eventually did explode into a messy load all over Ariella's pretty hand. Wow, unbelievable. I wonder who my Mom is going to share our dirty family secret with next?

Date Added: 09/10/2021
Starring: Ariella Ferrera and Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 16 mins

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